How Blocks Help in Developing Your Child’s Math Skills

Blocks and early education seem to go hand in hand. Early childhood education in Springfield emphasizes the importance of blocks for enhancing the mathematical skills of children. Blocks may be among the very first toys that a young child lays their hands on. They use them to identify the colors, make buildings, towers, and of course for counting/mathematical purposes. Recent studies claim that when children play with blocks during their initial years, this has a positive impact on their overall ability to count.

Below are the four major reasons why blocks are such an integral part of growth:

1. Social development:

Blocks help in encouraging group interactions among youngsters. They may help with skills like cooperation, problem solving and bonding. Playing with blocks among friends, can aid in the development of vital social skills, problems solving tendencies, listening abilities and sharing. Day care centre in Springfield uses blocks for various games and group activities.

2. Motor development:

Blocks aid in improving hand-eye coordination and general motor skills. By playing with blocks, children learn to collect the blocks, stack them, make new shapes, and structures; using their hands in various ways, these actions go a long way in boosting their motor skills.

3. Creativity:

Blocks also help in improving the imagination and creativity of your children. Leading childcare ensures that children play with blocks for sufficient tenure.


Blocks not only help in sharpening your child’s creativity but their math skills as well. Family day care believes that blocks are a great way to develop and continue to improve various skills for children.


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