Incorporating Music and Movement for Your Child’s Development

Every parent wants the best for their child and that includes growth and development. But what if we tell you that music and movement can be extremely effective in ensuring the overall growth of your child? This little-known fact can revolutionise the way we nurture our children at home and at day care centre in Capalaba.

Here are some ways in which grooving to the melody can actually lead to wholesome growth for your children:

1. Brain Development

Grooving to music might sound simple, but it is actually a complicated process that is composed of many things – listening, moving around, looking at visuals or even singing along. The efforts of trying such a complicated process stimulate the growth of new neural pathways in the human brain. For instance, listening and recognising a song by its beat requires concentration, while imitating the beat stimulates pattern recognition. When your child grooves to the beat, it’s actually their brain responding in-sync to the rhythm of the song.

2. Sharper Language Skills

Learning a second language is a tough task. However, it is a known fact that learning a new language is considerably easier during childhood. This can become even easier when you have music to accompany you.

Experts believe that each language has a certain rhythm. Once you understand that rhythm, learning that language becomes much easier. Children who listen to music during early childhood education Capalaba develop skills to recognize and match rhythms. This then allows them to learn new languages with greater ease.

3. Coordination

Music and movement seem to always go hand-in-hand. It is a common trait found in all humans but can have great benefits for children. Moving on the beats and rhythm of songs can have a deep impact on the development of a child. Matching the movement with the rhythm of a song significantly improves the coordination of children. This further contributes to better control and balance.

4. Social Skills

Music and dance are forms of expression. Even for children, it can be a similar gateway. Children who listen and groove to music find mediums to express themselves – be it joy, creativity or sadness. They can become more in-tune with their feelings, which make it easier for them to connect with other children. Here at Child care in Karana we believe being comfortable with music and movement allow children to enjoy and connect with each other on a deeper level.


It might seem strange, but something as simple as movement and music can have such a profound impact on the development of children.


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