Too often in this pressured world, today’s children miss out on authentic childhood experiences. We believe that children flourish through the simple things, through connection with nature, time to create their own games and nurturing relationships …… this is how children learn best.

Through the provision of child guided, responsive, nature based learning we grow creative and innovative problem solvers, responsible adventurers and playful collaborative thinkers. Hands on, experiential learning encourages a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Strong relationships promote resilience and openness to new experiences. We offer a strong connection to the outdoors through an interest led, play based, inquiry style, emergent curriculum. We promote deep learning and responsible citizenship, self-regulation and an authentic childhood.


Do you remember that special natural place you played in as a child? Under the house ….. In the back yard ….. On the beach ….. Down by the creek? Do you remember the joys of a muddy puddle? The excitement of playing in the rain? Looking at a butterfly? Watching ants? Making up games? ….. Believing that anything is possible? At Eskay Kids, authentic childhoods are our specialty!