Natural Childhood ….. Precious Memories

Vision for Childhood

Do you remember your childhood?
Precious memories of climbing trees…..

Searching for bugs or making mud pies?
The joy of running around barefoot, jumping in puddles and or playing in the rain?
Do you remember your childhood adventures ….. your wild adventures?
….. Imagining, dreaming, discovering and laughing?
Where the days were long, and nature was your playground?
You played, you explored, you created …..
You were curious …..
You had fun …..
After all, that’s what childhood is all about .….
Building memories that will last a life time.

Life-long Learning Begins With Us

Authentic Childhood

Our goal is to provide joy filled days in a space with adults who delight in your child…. Surrounding them with beloved community of friends and caring educators who inspire and capture their curiosity. The warmth of the village …. a deep sense of belonging. A feeling of familiarity, a home-away-from-home……living life together.
We know the research…… supporting our knowing that when given the freedom to be, children will grow and develop exactly the way that they were designed. When given rich open environments – children will engage their natural curiosity, and they will learn in a way that is relevant and stays with them. We know that the best way to be a successful four year old, is 365 days of being a three year old. We know that the best way to prepare for what comes next in life, is to immerse yourself in the now. To be a part of beloved community……. To build resilience……… To calculate and take risks…….. To have a hunger and desire to know. And that building knowledge is more effective when it is discovered through experience, rather than being force fed. No pressure to perform, no push-down of an arbitrary academic curriculum.  Genuine, uninterrupted, free play is the vehicle for authentic childhood and authentic school-readiness.
Using body and brain development knowledge, we have built spaces where children will reach their optimal potential. Where every child is valued for who they are, and supported to become all they might be. A place where children can create their own secret and magical universe…….. and still learn all they need to know!

When children’s natural curiosity is encouraged, learning flows organically

Our Accreditations

All Staff are First Aid Qualified & Blue Card Holders

Licensed by ACECQA. Registered for CCB and CCR

Licensed by the Office of Early Childhood, Education and Care

What parents say about us?

The cheerfulness and the exuberance that the staff show on a daily basis is a testimonial to their passion for child care. Our kids come home filthy with dirt in places unimaginable but they are the happiest we have ever seen them. I could not recommend Eskay kids at Springfield more highly to any parent that may be dubious about sending their child to child care – they will LOVE it!

We choose the centre because of the engaging environment that children have that connects with nature and play-based learning. Staff were welcoming, understanding and above all, focused on the children’s well being. The communication with parents is exemplary and the care, support and organisation within the centre is second to none. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Karana Downs Eskay family!

Fantastic daycare, love it so much the carers have so much passion for what they do. I am so pleased with my decision to change daycare and put my daughtyer into care here!!! Thanks for a fantastic job ladies!!

Just wanted to say that Trisha and the staff at Karana have been more than accommodating and willing to provide the best opportunities for every child (and their family). You go above and beyond every day to make the child’s day enjoyable and the parents at ease. Thank you