Springfield Centre

Springfield Centre

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Where children are given the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving, caring natural environment. Where children learn by playing and engaging in natural spaces, our environment is designed to allow free exploration, leading the children to play and make choices that reflects their own interests and helps to give children a love for learning. Our philosophy reflects our focus of letting children play and feel empowered to make choices that are safe and right for them so that they know we as adults trust and respect them for who they are.

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Do you remember that special natural place you played in as a child? Under the house ….. In the back yard ….. On the beach ….. Down by the creek? Do you remember the joys of a muddy puddle? The excitement of playing in the rain? Looking at a butterfly? Watching ants? Making up games? ….. Believing that anything is possible? At Eskay Kids, authentic childhoods are our specialty!