5 Important Things Children Need to Learn at Kindy

As you start nurturing your child, there are many ways in which they will start to learn and grow. In saying this, it’s not universal, every child is different and develops in different ways and at different speeds. While your child will become increasingly eager to learn new things, it can be a huge help to enrol them into a respectable Kindy. Kindy is crucial for teaching children certain things that they can only learn in such an environment. Besides, children need a vibrant environment that can enhance their emotional and social development. So, here’s a glimpse of some of the things your child may learn at Kindy. To learn even more about Kindy and the process of enrolling, connect with the child care centre Karana.

1. Speaking and Listening Skills

Kindy teachers work towards improving a range of different skills, one of which being language skills. Teachers introduce children to a variety of new concepts and words. As time rolls by, teachers will also start asking simple questions regarding something that they have been learning, prompting children to use their memory and develop their listening and speaking skills. 

2. Sounds and Letters

At day care Karana the teachers assists children with their sounds and letters. To start with, children may learn something easy such as the spelling of their own names. By keeping things simple and relatable, children are able to connect much more easily and learn faster. 

3. Motor and Cognitive Skills

Motor and Cognitive skills are slowly developed and improved over time. As you are concerned about your child’s overall development, a preschool can certainly help to enhance cognitive and motor skills. Once the teacher starts becoming friendly with the children, she may involve them in various activities. She may persuade them to create something different through card paper and a pair of scissors. Moreover, she may also ask toddlers to recognise colours, count small objects or even identify shapes.

4. Social skills and friendly attitude

At child care in Karana social skills are developed and friendly attitudes are encouraged. The simple fact of being in a classroom environment with other children is a huge benefit for any child. 

5. Creative Arts

With numerous games and lessons learnt, Kindy also guides children to express their ideas and feelings. At a young age, learning new things each day is crucial for personal growth. When children are encouraged to be creative, learn new things and spend time with new people they begin to grow and find out the things that they do and do not like enabling them to learn about themselves.


There are many aspects to take into consideration when deciding on a Kindy. When you google online “childcare centre near me” yYou should always check out the Kindy philosophy, enrolment process and of course enquire about visiting. The kindergarten in Karana, Eskay Kids is one of Brisbane’s best day care centres. Get in touch with the friendly team to learn more today!


Childhood is such a short, magical time, and in a fleeting moment, they will be grown up. You will spend an eternity knowing your child as adult, but for these few precious years, you have the privilege of knowing them as a child. For a brief moment in their journey of life, you get to watch them laugh, learn, grow, and experience the awe and wonder that childhood offers.

Children only get one childhood …. Don’t ever wish that magical time away…
Childhood Memories ought to be the most precious memories in any one’s life.

What vision of childhood do you have in your heart for your child…..
We welcome you to join us on a wonder-filled journey through early childhood.