What is School Readiness and Why is it Important?

As a parent, you have likely come across your child’s/children’s resistance to going to school. This can happen for a variety of reasons, social anxiety, fear of fitting in, fighting with friends, or because their home gives them a sense of comfort which is momentarily snatched away when they are forced to go to school. This is where the concept of school readiness comes into play. This refers to how a child can smoothly transition into kindergarten Springfield.

This concept is often confused with the effectiveness of the child in reading or writing. Parents associate school readiness with their child’s academic and sensory performance. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

School Readiness: The Concept
School readiness goes much beyond academics and looks after aspects like self-care, development of social skills, and emotional well-being. Emotional readiness has been branched into several sub phenomena. Read about them hereunder:

1. Emotional Maturity:
This refers to the emotional level of your child in terms of coping with situations and being able to express their emotions. It also refers to the child’s reaction in social settings. Child Care Springfield encourages emotional maturity through experiential and social learning experiences.

2. Social Skills:
This aspect deals with how your child responds to his/her environment. How does he/she interact with other kids and whether they react in an assertive/submissive manner.

3. Language Skills:
This aspect is associated with articulacy; whether they are a good listener and have the ability to formulate thoughts legibly. It has also to do with the enunciation of language. Many kindergarten teachers have training to enhance their students language skills.

4. Cognitive Skills:
In cognitive skills, your child’s basic thinking skills and reasoning is checked and assessed.

5. Physical Health:
This provides a basic idea of your child’s health including motor functions as well as coordination.

Importance of School Readiness
As elucidated above, school readiness is a mix of several components that contribute to the healthy, overall growth of the child. And it’s nothing new that these components are crucial if you wish to see your child flourish.

Many kindergartens, as well as child care centre Springfield, are learning the importance of enhancing these features in children.

This becomes all the more important given the fact that schools start so early that children may have not developed basic sets of skills to survive the school environment. They may fall in the pit of disliking their classmates, teachers and the very idea of going to school.

For healthy, stress-free and positive growth of your child, it is crucial that you as a parent do everything in your power to enhance your childs school readiness and overall encourage your children to enjoy school and be the most productive and positive them, that they can be.


Childhood is such a short, magical time, and in a fleeting moment, they will be grown up. You will spend an eternity knowing your child as adult, but for these few precious years, you have the privilege of knowing them as a child. For a brief moment in their journey of life, you get to watch them laugh, learn, grow, and experience the awe and wonder that childhood offers.

Children only get one childhood …. Don’t ever wish that magical time away…
Childhood Memories ought to be the most precious memories in any one’s life.

What vision of childhood do you have in your heart for your child…..
We welcome you to join us on a wonder-filled journey through early childhood.