Tips to Finding the Right Day Care Centre and Kindergarten for Your Child

Daycare centres and kindergarten careare a crucial part of early childhood education. But choosing the right childcarecan be intimidating, especially for new parents. In addition to acquiring early learning skills, your child gets a chance to develop socially and emotionally in a day care environment.

Start looking for good day care early to avoid a last-minute rush. Otherwise, you may end up taking your child to unqualified caretakers. Although agovernment approved kindergartens programis preferred, parents should consider the following tips before deciding.

1.      Research Extensively

Contact the parents who have already taken their children to daycare and kindergarten care programs. They will give you recommendations for places where they took their children. Workmates and friends can give you options too. Searching the available child care and kindergarten care centres can be a good way to do research.

2.      Check theAccreditation

Make sure you go in person and check if they are accredited. If the certificates of accreditation are not displayed, request to see them. To acquire the certificates, they must have met the set standards to ensure the children’s safety. Their structures must have been approved, and the ratio of a caretaker to kids must be correct.

3.      Pay an Unannounced Visit

Consider visiting the daycare or kindergarten when you don’t have a visit scheduled. This visit can give you an accurate picture of the centre. Take time and check what is going on. Check on the hygiene of the area, the situation of the children present, and how the daycareis handling daily activities and issues. However, keep in mind that some daycare and kindergarten centres do not allow visitors unless on appointment.

4.      Check on the Qualifications of the Staff

Look into and ask about the caretakers and teachers’ qualifications in the day carecentres and kindergartens you are considering. Unqualified child caretakers will not give your child the care or experience your child needs. Required early basic knowledge cannot be offered by unqualified teachers either.

5.      Assessment and Communication

The children’s daycare and kindergarten centresshould be communicating with the parents. Communication can be done by phone or report forms. These contacts are the best way parents can learn the specifics about their child’s progress and growth. The parent should be informed about their kid’s progress with academic, physical,social, and emotional development.

6.      Diet Offered

If your child eats a special diet, make sure the childcare centre can accommodate. It is not uncommon for children to be allergic to certain foods, but you should ask if the centre can provide a special diet. If they cannot do so, consider packing food for your child or looking for another centre.


Picking a daycare centre and kindergartenfor your child is a big decision, and you should do comprehensive research. Having a complete understanding of the centre can help you choose a place that will give your child the best start and experience.


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