How to Tell If Your Kid’s Day Care Centre is Healthy and What You Can Do

Your child’s health is vital and should top the list of the factors you consider when looking for a childcarecentre. Beware that some kid’s daycare centres can be a breeding ground for diseases and have other hazards. Here are some tips for choosing a healthy early childhood educationcentre.

1.      Staff Trained in First Aid

Accidents do happen, and there is no guarantee they can be avoided entirely, no matter how attentive the staff may be. However, there should be at least one member of the staff who knows first aid. This staff member should be able to train others so that they will be able to handle health-related cases in their absence.

Remember to ask to see the certificates of their first aid training to ensure their qualifications. In some daycare centres, the certificates are pinned on the notice board or display. Don’t forget the certifications should also be up to date.

2.      Childproofed Spaces

Day care centres should be childproof in any area where children may go. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Closing and blocking off places with stairs
  • Small object should be collected and stored
  • Toys should be clean and in good condition
  • Outlet covers should be fixed firmly
  • Harmful substances like medications and cleaning supplies should be out of reach of children
  • Tables and chairs should be held to the floor firmly

3.      Safety and Healthy Behaviours are Practiced

Just by looking at the daycare environment and routines, you should see healthy practices. You should see areas being cleaned regularly, with attention to the places where children spend most of their time. Staff and children should be seen washing their hands frequently.

4.      Enough Staff

There should be an acceptable caregiver-to-child ratio because this is the only way the child can be given full attention and supervision.The caregiver-to-child ratio varies with the age bracket of the kids. The younger kids require more attention, so more caregivers are needed. As they grow, one caregiver can be able to supervise more kids.


A healthy daycare centre is essential for the child’s wellbeing. It helps if parents consider the above factors to ensure a healthy daycare centre for their child. Talk to Eskay Kids for the best daycare centres for your child.


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