Is Your Child Ready for Preschool, but You’re Nervous?

Early childhood education is a significant step towards the development of your child. Many parents are nervous and unaware of the route to take when this time approaches. They don’t know when the child should start preschool or kindergarten care,especially with their first child. Parents and children have mixed feelings when this time comes. They are excited because the child is about to gain more knowledge, but being apart can make this a difficult time too.

Parents should prepare their children both physically and emotionally for preschool. Below are some ideas to help you tackle this important time.

1.      Start with Home Child Care

Your child’s learning should start at home with the family. Familynatural child care helps with early brain development. Take time and walk around the outside of your home with your child showing them places. In the house, teach the child some basics like washing hands, bathing, brushing their teeth, dressing, and preparing the bed.

2.      Visit the Preschool

Pay a visit to the preschool with your child. Visit your child’s classroom and meet the preschool teacher to familiarise your child with their new teacher. Let the child know about the class schedule and classroom arrangement. Also, discuss with your childwhat to expect in all sessions.

3.      Practice School Activities

Spend time with your child reading preschool books, and teach them how to handle pencils and books. Show your kid how to carry and pack their school bag. Teach your child a few basics on how to make new friends and socialize. Also, teach them how to play a few games and ways of creating stories.

4.      Listen and Acknowledge Your Kid’s Feelings

The anxiety and feelings experienced by your child are expected during this exciting period. Listen to your kid to learn about their fears and concerns.Your child may not express some feelings, so it is also essential to keep an eye out for changes in their behaviour. If you see changes, talk to your child about them to see if you can figure out the problem together.

5.      Change Your Schedule

If there any necessary changes needed in your chores and routines to cater to your child’s new schedule, you can implement them gradually. Make sure your child gets to sleep early and wakes up on time to prepare for the day. It can also help prepare their clothing, shoes, books bag, and healthy lunch the night before to simplify the morning.


When children start preschool, it can be a challenging time for the whole family. However, taking the proper steps can build confidence and routine for your child. Talk to Eskay Kids for the best preschool programs. We have experienced staff ready to assist in your child’s development and education.


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