Keeping Your Family Healthy During The Winter Season

Winter means sick children, sick days and time off work. Common colds and the flu does happen, but you can lessen the blow if you take some measures to keep the family healthy.

Nobody likes needles but they’re an excellent preventative measure. One jab and the family is set to battle winter nasties.

If the kids are little, make sure you make the process as comfortable as possible for them. It’s possible they’ll throw a tantrum mostly because they’re scared. Treat them one way or another after the appointment.

Blow your nose!
You can’t be there all the time to help your child blow their nose. Make sure you teach them to hold that tissue and blow! Put a travel pack of tissues in their bag, along with some disinfecting gel. Both are lifesavers for kids and the carers.

These are a lifesaver 

Drink plenty of fluids
People are surprised to learn they get dehydrated just as easily in winter as they do in summer.

Now, your kids might use that melted ice cream and hot chocolate are liquids. But they’re only good as the occasional treat. The best way to keep hydrated is to take in plenty of water (4 – 6 glasses) and natural squeezed orange juice with pulp.


Nutritious food
Bodies are temples, as the saying goes, and you’re never too young or too old to treat it properly. Unprocessed foods are high in nutrients, so make sure you find a way to pack in the veggies where you can! A common method is using zucchini and carrot in bolognese instead of meat, or at least have half meat half veggies.

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, invest in one for the fam. Busy parents can cook meals overnight or during the day. Drop the ingredients in, set and forget. 8 hours later, you have a beautifully cooked casserole!

Get those wholefoods in there

Wash your hands
Another preventative measure. You would be teaching your kids to wash their hands after using the bathroom, before eating and after playing outside. Washing your hands kills germs and bacteria that would normally spread rapidly, especially during cold and flu season.


Rug up
Queensland’s winters balance between mild and really cold. Children at Eskay spent most of the day outdoors and they need layers to stay warm in the winter chill. Underlayers, like thermals and socks, are a good place to start. You can get good quality products from Uniqlo.


When you’re overtired, running around and have a busy schedule you’re more vulnerable to catching a cold. Kids are geniuses when it comes to avoiding bedtime, but a story and avoiding screens for at least an hour will help calm them down.


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