Every child is an artist

‘Can I be Bluey?’ a wide-eyed child asked with due excitement. Everyone loves Bluey.

‘I don’t know if I can do that,’ her friend conceded as she held the face paint. ‘I don’t know how.’

The other child paused for just a moment.

‘Well, what do you think Bluey looks like?’ She asked. Good question.

‘Like a dog,’ the budding artist said.

‘Then draw a dog,’ said the awaiting child.

Her friend nodded as her confidence grew.

‘I can draw whiskers,’ she said while her friend pushed for more.

‘Draw ears too!’

‘Yes. I can do that.’

Yes. You can.

Eskay Kids Capalaba: Natural childhood… precious memories.


Childhood is such a short, magical time, and in a fleeting moment, they will be grown up. You will spend an eternity knowing your child as adult, but for these few precious years, you have the privilege of knowing them as a child. For a brief moment in their journey of life, you get to watch them laugh, learn, grow, and experience the awe and wonder that childhood offers.

Children only get one childhood …. Don’t ever wish that magical time away…
Childhood Memories ought to be the most precious memories in any one’s life.

What vision of childhood do you have in your heart for your child…..
We welcome you to join us on a wonder-filled journey through early childhood.