5 Tips for Fire Safety in Your Home

Domestic fires pose a significant safety issue for children. Therefore, early childhood education at Mayfield in collaboration with the parents, will instruct children about the danger. In this post, we take a look at five important tips for teaching children about fire safety at home.

1.      Teach children about smoke detectors

Explain to your kids why you have installed smoke detectors, and how they sound. Children need to associate the noise of smoke detectors with a fire, so whenever one goes off, they will alert adults. Why not involve them whenever you are installing these smoke detectors. Let them know about the different locations and actually point them out. Do not forget to educate kids that smoke detectors have a battery that needs to be changed for the alarm to continue functioning.

2.      Plan and Explain the Escape Routes

Where possible, determine two ways to exit every room in your home. If there are no doors, windows will serve as alternatives. Evaluate your entire home and explain to your kids about all possible fire exit points. Additionally, create a designated fire assembly point for the family outside the home and mark the area appropriately. Remember to explain that in case of a fire emergency, they need to get out of the building quickly, rather than hide inside wardrobes or under beds.

3.      Teach the importance of opening windows

Inspect all windows and make sure none are stuck so your kids can open them easily. Older kids should be able to open the windows whenever the smoke detector goes off.  This reduces the risk of suffocating in case a child is trapped in a room. Moreover, the rescue team could use these windows to rescue them in the event of an emergency.

4.      Explain escape ladders

Children need to know where the escape ladder is located and how to operate it. Ensure there is one near each room where children spend most of their time and especially on an upper storey and have them practice its use. Your kids should access the escape ladder with ease. Give them an idea of how to secure it when they need to use it.

5.      Show how to use a fire extinguisher

Springfield childcare centres and many homes in Australia have invested in fire extinguishers. If used appropriately, they could save lives and your property from fire damage. However, the fire extinguisher is useless if no one knows how to operate it. Older kids need to know their location and how to activate one with ease. For younger kids, you can install a smaller fire extinguisher and make sure they feel confident to use it.


Your kids will have fire safety education program at the Mayfield kindergarten care centres. Although fire safety could be part of the early childhood education Mayfield, it is important to teach your kids about fire safety at home.


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