5 Brisbane Based Online Community Groups for Single Parents

Solo parentingbrings challenges, and it can feel isolating. Single parents experience many extra pressures and worries thattwo-parent families don’t usually experience.For example, child support arrears and family court orders are common issues for single-parent homes.

When you need a chat or a listening ear, your married friends may find itdifficult to understand the specific struggles your face. Those conversations can make you feel more isolated and alone. However, there are fellow single parents with whom you can connect with online. It can be beneficial to join a single-parent support group to find people dealing with similar challenges. The following are online single parenting groups in Brisbane that are established, moderated, and free to join.

1. Lone Fathers Association of Australia

This group is a national peak organisationfor separated parents. Lone Fathers Association of Australia is a self-help educational and welfare organisation. It’s a non-profit group that focuses on single fathers, their children, and their other family and friends. They have a Facebook page where they offer advice on families, legal issues, and other relevant problems single fathers may face.

2. Parents Without Partners

The Parents without Partners community provides an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence, and sensitivity to single parents and their children. Also, this group offer an environment for support, friendship, and the exchange of parenting techniques. They strive to help those who are single parents for any reason, including those who are divorced, widowed, or never married. They are broken up into local chapters and use Facebook.

3. Single Mum

Single Mum is a social website that provides single mothers with entertainment media. They have articles about budgeting, music, online dating, homeschooling,child care centres, and more. They also haveFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to connect with, entertain, and educate single mothers.

4. Brisbane Single Parents

This group helps single parents connect and find support online. They use Facebook and are dedicated to creating a helpful environment to help one another through all the challenges of being a single parent. They also post articles about various topics like budgeting, social media, and buying a home.

5. Australian Single Mum Support Group

This group operates on Facebook and has almost 30,000 members. They are an active group that provides support through posts and comments on various topics relevant to being a single mom. It is a private group, requiring all its members to be single mothers and Australian residents.

Benefits of Joining Online Community Groups for Single Parents

  • Help single parents to connect with other like-minded people
  • Provide a non-judgmental environment where information is shared
  • Enhance self-confidence for single parents
  • Can exchange parenting techniques
  • Provide single parents access to parenting help and support, particularly on financial hardships and child support


Being a single parentdoesn’t have to make you feel alone. There are thousands of other single parents going through the same problems. It’s time to join a single-parent support group and share information and experiences. Connect with other parents in Mayfieldand other parts of Australia as you share your highs and lows as a parent. Whether it’s few close friends or a large group of people, it can benefit your emotional health and wellbeing.


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