4 Significant Ways to Teach Kindness to Pre-schoolers

One of the biggest challenges, as a parent, is to teach your child kindness. We all want our children to become kind adults and shower their kindness on others as in this harsh world, kindness is something very valuable to find. Children are born with kindness and it is our duty as a parent to polish that value and develop it fully. Child care centre Capalaba has teachers who can help your child be a kind among all. But what are the ways you can teach a pre-schooler about kindness?

Here are a few ways which you can try teaching kindness to your children:

1. Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Children cannot understand how others are feeling unless you make them realise how they would feel if they are treated the same way. They cannot see the bigger picture. Children are naturally very self-focussed and the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes takes time to develop. Talk to your child about how they might feel if someone made fun of them or harshly criticized them for not doing something right. Would they want someone to praise them or make fun of them? Try to make them imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes.

2. Teach Them Kind Words and Smiles

It is very important for you to teach children about positive words. Get them into the habit of being friendly with everyone they meet and saying kind words to others. Never use negative words in front of them as they catch those words very easily. Ask them never to use any kind of bad words and think before they say something hurtful to others. Always ask them to smile at people. Day care Capalaba teaches words like thank you, please, etc. to all the children in the class. Being respectful to others and greeting people properly is an important part of their daily lesson.

3. Do Not Spoil Them

If you want your child to learn about kindness, make sure you do not spoil them. A child who gets everything they wish for can never understand how others feel because they will never go through that feeling of being rejected. This also teaches them to be kind, respectful, and self-controlled.

4. Teach Them to Donate

Always teach them the habit of donating things. If they learn to give at a very early age, they will be mindful of others and be kind to everyone. Charity always begins at home. So, to teach your child to be kind, you need to be kind to others. Early childhood education Capalaba always takes such an initiative to help young children’s minds develop.

Bottom Line

There are many ways you can teach children to be kind. These are only a few of the points. You can also point out to your children when you see someone being good or sharing something with others. You can also read them stories about kindness. Teach them that if someone says something nasty, not to react or be nasty in return. For more information, you can look up day care centre Capalaba as well.


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