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“The Project Approach”

This week I would like to share something a little different with you. All of our staff members recently came together for a day of personal development. Our subject was ‘The Project Approach’. The Project Approach is essentially about engaging children’s minds, fostering their natural curiosity and helping them to become independent thinkers and learners, […]

Benefits of Climbing Trees in Early Childhood Learning

The connection between children and climbing involves more than curiosity. Children in kindergarten use climbing skills to explore and test their environment as they grow. Climbing pushes children and makes them want to achieve more, which is a skill useful in every aspect of their lives. Climbing is also generally safe and enjoyable because the […]

5 Reasons You Should Let Your Child Go Barefoot

Remember the feeling of warm sand between your toes? What about a twig pricking the underside of your foot while in early childhood education? Going barefoot is not just an essential childhood memory but a potentially health-changing practice we should all implement with our kids. Parents fear their children will be injured while barefoot, but […]

What Does Nature Pedagogy Entail?

Nature pedagogy is a way of working with children and creating settings for care and education that embraces nature. It entails children being in outdoor environments while having purposeful learning objectives and being outside to have fun. It may also involve frequent visits to various natural setting to experience the different elements in nature. Being […]

Postpartum Depression in Men.

What is Postpartum Depression in Men Postpartum depression is depression suffered by a father following childbirth. Although postpartum depression is associated with women; new fathers also experience serious mood changes. Paternal postnatal depression is widely common with 10% of fathers becoming depressed just after their baby is born. Fathers experience real changes in their hormone […]

Why Laughter is so Important for Children.

Among countless responsibilities attached to parenthood, one is helping your child establish a good sense of humour. Developing a good sense of humour guides your child towards the right path in life. We perceive humour as part of genetic makeup, however, it’s a learned quality that develops even in kindergarten kids. Humour is not something […]

Five Tips to Help Your Competitive Child

Your presence as a parent is a part of what moulds your children into who they are. Your actions and language have a significant impact on your children as they grow and develop. This influence can be very positive, especially when you influence them because you love them and wish the best for them. Seeing […]


According to the dictionary, the definition of change is to make someone or something different, to alter or modify.   In a world that has been inundated lately with change, one thing that hasn’t changed for us at Karana Early Education Centre, is the on-going reflection of our environments.  Through these reflections and discussions, we […]

Blissfully Barefoot

Those who know me, know that pretty much the only time you will see shoes on my feet, is when I don’t have much choice about it.  Wearing my bare feet not only keeps me upright, but it also provides me with grounding and connection to the earth.  I know and feel a far greater […]

How to Create Positive Bedtime Routines?

The way to create a positive bedtime routine is to roughly follow the same routine every night. If you do a little bit of research you can find that the ideal time to start the routine is 20 minutes before your child’s bedtime. Daycare centre Mayfield gives you helpful information on all activities to keep […]


Do you remember that special natural place you played in as a child? Under the house ….. In the back yard ….. On the beach ….. Down by the creek? Do you remember the joys of a muddy puddle? The excitement of playing in the rain? Looking at a butterfly? Watching ants? Making up games? ….. Believing that anything is possible? At Eskay Kids, authentic childhoods are our specialty!