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Over the month of May the children have been interested in being Ninjas!!!! It all started with the question of “Brookie can you make a Ninja star?” Now to be fair; when it comes to Ninjas, the children will often seek me out to ask questions and if you’re wondering why, it’s because I happen […]

Brisbane Based Naturopaths for Immunity Options in Children

Children often seem more susceptible to colds and the flu. The most effective way to boost your children’s immunity is through naturopathy. Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that does not involve any artificial or harmful substance, and it can be applied tochildren in childcare. Naturopathy can assist when the children feel under the […]

What is Winter-Appropriate Clothing for Children in Queensland?

The change in seasons brings new sights and new excitement.When the weather grows colder, it’s essential for your children in childcare to stay warm. There may not be snow in Queensland, but it gets quite chilly. However, it’s good to get the children out of the house, even in the middle of winter. Taking some […]

Respectful Relationships

“Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.” Jess Lair   This is a statement that holds true to our philosophy at Eskay Kids Karana. Each day we welcome, with open arms, every child that enters our doors and expect nothing more from them than to feel safe, secure and […]

How to Tell If Your Kid’s Day Care Centre is Healthy and What You Can Do

Your child’s health is vital and should top the list of the factors you consider when looking for a childcarecentre. Beware that some kid’s daycare centres can be a breeding ground for diseases and have other hazards. Here are some tips for choosing a healthy early childhood educationcentre. 1.      Staff Trained in First Aid Accidents […]

Tips to Finding the Right Day Care Centre and Kindergarten for Your Child

Daycare centres and kindergarten careare a crucial part of early childhood education. But choosing the right childcarecan be intimidating, especially for new parents. In addition to acquiring early learning skills, your child gets a chance to develop socially and emotionally in a day care environment. Start looking for good day care early to avoid a […]

Is Your Child Ready for Preschool, but You’re Nervous?

Early childhood education is a significant step towards the development of your child. Many parents are nervous and unaware of the route to take when this time approaches. They don’t know when the child should start preschool or kindergarten care,especially with their first child. Parents and children have mixed feelings when this time comes. They […]

“The Project Approach”

This week I would like to share something a little different with you. All of our staff members recently came together for a day of personal development. Our subject was ‘The Project Approach’. The Project Approach is essentially about engaging children’s minds, fostering their natural curiosity and helping them to become independent thinkers and learners, […]

Benefits of Climbing Trees in Early Childhood Learning

The connection between children and climbing involves more than curiosity. Children in kindergarten use climbing skills to explore and test their environment as they grow. Climbing pushes children and makes them want to achieve more, which is a skill useful in every aspect of their lives. Climbing is also generally safe and enjoyable because the […]


Do you remember that special natural place you played in as a child? Under the house ….. In the back yard ….. On the beach ….. Down by the creek? Do you remember the joys of a muddy puddle? The excitement of playing in the rain? Looking at a butterfly? Watching ants? Making up games? ….. Believing that anything is possible? At Eskay Kids, authentic childhoods are our specialty!